The one page business plan

As investors don’t have much time to read a thorough business plan, often the one-page business plan that describes the idea and essence of business and how it creates value, what problem it solves? and solution presented by the business, can easily captures their attention. Surely detailed business plan can be presented if investor seeks more information or interested in more details.

Essentially good executive summary and one page business plan are more or less same. In the business plan, Executive summary is the most important part of a business plan. Executive summary essentially summarise the entire business plan main points in one or two pages.

Here at Irish Business plan, we have developed a method to prepare the one-page business plan. It captures all the essential information that is required to explain the business strategy.

The one-page business plan may contain the following (but not limited to);

  • Describe the problem clients or customers are facing
  • The solution to the problem which is the offering of either product or services.
  • How to create value and money proposition for business.
  • The market in which business will operate and target customers.
  • Level of Compeition and Unique selling proposition
  • The team – Calibre, experience, CV, Role and responsibilties and any gaps in the talent which may be required to be hired.
  • Financial highlights


If you need more guidance as to how to prepare one page business plan, contact us through the link below.

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