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Edit & Polish

Business plan editing

Why do you need independent business plan editing?

You’ve written your business plan to help you win backing to launch or grow your business. You’ve put the hours in and read books such as Business Plans for Dummies. But something’s still missing. Something else needs to be done to maximise the impact of your writing. That’s where my Professional business editing services can help.

Edit & Polish Business Plan service assist you in your already completed plan (in whatever state) and polish it up, ready for submission. If you are half way and got stuck on financials, not sure it is professional enough or getting confused, we can polish, proof, edit and tweaked your business plan.
Business plan editing service is designed for those of you who need your own plan polished, proofed
or tweaked.
Edit & Polish Business Plan
How it works?
1. Send your business plan (in whatever state of completion) to Professional Business Plan.
2. We will contact you to understand your purpose for the plan.
3. We make an assessment of what needs to be done:
  • Are all of the necessary sections completed?
  • Does the content clearly explain the business?
  • Is there editing required?
  • Is the plan fit for purpose?
  • Is all English, presentation and formatting as good as it can be?
4. We give you a price and time frame.
5. Once approved, we get to work!
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