Incorporation of Irish Company with us- Quality, Trust and Efficiency!

                    restaurant-business-plan, we are a registered local Ireland based company and are registered agent with CRO and incorporate companies on behalf of our clients in Ireland. Private Company Limited by Shares (“LTD”) a simplified entity, are by far the most popular type within the Republic. A company Limited has the capacity of a natural person and can have one director if required and a separate secretary. We directly check availability of Company name with the names available with companies office and have a vast experience with company formations and business registrations in Ireland and Internationally. We guarantee fast and reliable service. In addition from time to time we offer valuable advice to our clients.

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Our process We ask the following documents. Once we have the below information received from you we prepare documents and send the system generated

signature form to send you by email to print off and sign and send it directly to companies office. We send the other necessary documents in parallel to your documents.

1. Name of your company. What address you like to use for company. It could be your home address. But would be ideal to have the place where business will operate from.
2. Name of directors, Date of Birth, Address, Email address and proof of address and ID.
3. Name of Secretary, Date of Birth, Address, Email address and proof of address and ID.
4. % age holding of Share holders. Could be your self only being a director.

For further information call us at 0851477625.